Fresh Start Foods

Delivering Fresh and Healthy Prepared Meals Two Ways

Neighborhood Store

The Fresh Start neighborhood store will provide needed interaction with an under-served community, embodying the following attributes:

  • Access to healthy affordable food
  • Education
  • Community development
  • Neighborhood involvement
  • A center for activity and service
Fresh Start Foods Store Outside


Nutritious school meals improve educational outcomes for students. Eating well during formative years helps develop positive lifelong eating habits and can combat obesity and obesity-related diseases. Schools are also a pathway for educating whole families on healthier diets and cooking habits. However, achieving these results requires that students must want to eat the foods they are served. Fresh Start is built on the idea that creative menus and recipes are essential to cutting down on waste and offering alternatives to less healthy snack foods and vended products that are so readily available. Schools and childcare centers are excellent places to begin introducing better foods to young people in large numbers.


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